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Quality Assurance Unit

Quality Assurance & Academic Performance Unit

Quality is ‘fitness for purpose' in meeting or conforming to the generally acceptable standards. Quality Assurance (QA) is a mechanism to guarantee that a system is ‘fit for purpose. In reference to higher education, QA is a planned activity for systematic review process of an educational institution and a program to determine whether or not acceptable standards of education, scholarship, and infrastructure are met, maintained, enhanced and ensuring that students are offered learning opportunities of an acceptable quality

Quality Assurance in higher education is now the focus world wide. University graduates are competing in an environment shaped to the local and national needs as well as international expectations and standards. Globalization concept impact on international standards is increasing thus placing public demand for transparency and accountability. Educators and policymakers are challenged to set standards of their own that takes care of the needs and expectations of their stakeholders who include students, sponsors, employers, governments, collaborators, donors and the community

Quality Assurance & Academic Performance unit was established at Alkindy Medical College in 2009, since then the unit was in charge of implementing the standards that were set both by ministry of higher education & scientific researches, & ministry of heath, by continuous monitoring & evaluation of the teaching process of the college.

 Quality Assurance Unit Vision:

Is to ensure excellence in quality assurance instruments in higher education.

Quality Assurance Unit Mission:

 Is to coordinate and evaluate quality assurance processes in teaching/learning, research and support services aimed at achieving the college  goals.


  • To monitor and ensure that performance processes in all aspects of the college functions are appropriate and relevant.
  • To monitor implementation of the college  strategic plan
  • To insure the implementation of standards that are set by the ministry of higher education & scientific research in Iraq, in coordination with the standards that are set by the higher committee of accreditation by WHO & Iraqi ministry of health
  • To coordinate Students' Evaluation of staff and programmes
  • To encourage self assessment of teaching staff
  • To coordinate internal and external assessment of programmes and institution as a whole
  • Organize seminars, workshops and conferences


  The strategies for achieving the objectives in Quality Assurance Unit include:

  • Review of existing procedures and made known to the stakeholders
  • .prepare check lists of procedures used in the performance evaluation
  • Conduct annual evaluation report  of the college  strategic plan
  •  Set up a Quality Assurance Implementation Committee to develop MOHE Policy and carry out quality audits.
  • Develop a self assessment manual
  •  Keep stakeholders: staff and students well informed of evaluation results, efforts made and recommendations

Expected Outcomes

The anticipated outcome, following successful implementation of the QA activities includes:

  • Improved student performance and success in learning
  •  Improved work performance of academic and support staff
  • Enhanced transparency and stakeholders confidence
  • Enhanced capacity to compete with other higher learning institutions nationally, regionally and globally 

Al Kindy Medical College road to reliability    


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Operational Plan for the Quality Assurance and performance Unit  / Kindi Medical College / University of Baghdad for the year 2012-2013 


Achievements of Al Kindy Medical College, University of Baghdad  2013-2014


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