A new classroomA visit to the medical college of Wisconsin US Director of Al kindy teaching hospital visit the college Congratulations The preliminary exam for higher studiesAl-kindy celebrate the victory of Iraq in Al Falloja Final Practical ExamsAmerican professor visit Alkindy Medical college Meeting of KMC councilHead of Baghdad university visited Al kindy Medical collegeAlkindy museumHow to set learning objectivePresident of Baghdad university visit the collegeEvaluation of professional behavior of medical students Open DayEczemafriendly meetingSport Activitie Diagnostic X-Ray Screening In Medicine Early Clinical ExposureWeekly CME activitiesALSO/ Advance Life Support in ObstetricsParticipate in the development during childbirth universal signs do follow-up on the health of the fetusOSPE Exam for the first yearNational workshop on professional Medical education and ResearchBrowning of the adipose tissue- symposiumWe are all with Popular Mobilization Forces Against Isis Celebrating Baghdad University dayOSPE Exam Cardioarab congress in cairoAlkindy College of Medicine Journal Active participation in the 10th conference of Almustansiriya college of medicineSeminar on the latest updates in Thalassemia chelation thrapyBronze Medal- New Achievement in Dead sea International MarathonOur professors participation in Discussions of community board studentsCME- Activities probiotics and prebiotics, scabies and effects of obesity on quality of lifeThe achievements of Alkindy college of medicine 2013-2014celebrating the world day of tuberculosisE-learning unit was opened in our college Community College Partnership / Step Towards AccreditationHow to write numbers - Guide for medical writing Baghdad University took first place in the regional center for youth activityCelebrating the international women's day soccer game sampling techniques for clinical researchAlkindy college of Medicine got TalentsJunior doctors and self confidence The Dean met the Second year studentsConference of Medical education at University of Babylon

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A visit to the medical college of Wisconsin US

College News

A new classroom
 A new classroom established in Alkindy college of medicine, the new hall contain 110 seats.

Director of Al kindy teaching hospital visit the college
 The Newly appointed director of Alkindy teaching hospital Dr. Salem Mezher visited the college and met Mr. Dean Dr. Mohammed Al Qurtas.

 Dr. Mohammad Asad head of the department of community medicine had the professorship.

The preliminary exam for higher studies
 Alkindy Medical college held the preliminary examination for the higher studies for the academic year 2016=2017.

Al-kindy celebrate the victory of Iraq in Al Falloja
 The administrative staff in Al Kindy college of Medicine celebrate the great victories of our army in defeating ISIS gangs in Al Anbar province enthroned by libration of Al Falloja the celebrity was headed by Mr. dean Dr. Mohammed Al Qurtas  and vice Dean for Administrative Affairs and attended by large number of the employees .

Final Practical Exams
 the final practical examinations for the students of the sixth year started after they accomplished their theoretical and OSCE examinations, the exams held in 3 hospitals; Alkindy teaching hospital, Al-Elewia gynaecology hospital and Al-Elewia paediatric hospital. 

American professor visit Alkindy Medical college
Alkindy Medical College had a date with Professor Dr. Michael Kron professor in internal medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Wisconsin USA, who visited the college within the Iraqi University Linkage Program  adopted by International Research and Exchanges Board" IREX" , On arrival to the college the guest immediately held a meeting with  Mr. Dean and the vice dean, the meeting  discussed the curriculum of the college  and the updates that have occurred in recent years then Dr. Michael made a tour in the college

Meeting of KMC council
The council of  Al- Kindy medical college held their bimonthly meeting discussing number of issues including the upgrad transactions of a number of teaching staff and the  conduct of final examinations...

Head of Baghdad university visited Al kindy Medical college
 Head of Baghdad University Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein visited Al kindy College of Medicine during the final examination where he briefed about the quality of the questions and the most important problems facing the teaching staff and the students in this field.

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