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Scientific Unit

Foundation and responsibilities:

The scientific unit in Alkindy college of Medicine had been established in 2012, before that the scientific issues of the college had been run by a scientific committee.

 Affiliation of the unit is the assistant dean for scientific affairs. It has a fixed staff represented by the head, members affiliated from different departments, and secretary. The members of this unit are used to meet on weekly bases and a monthly reports that include all the activities used to be issued. Some of the decision need to be taken by the scientific committee, others need to be submitted to the assistant dean for scientific affairs and the dean for ratification or to be submitted to the college council for final approval.



Alkindy College of medicine with innovative teaching learning methods, students centered and an academic staff that are obtaining the capacities to conduct researches that are results based, evidence based of high quality with identified scientific outcomes.


1-      Supervise and Assist in conducting high quality researches:

-           Identified health priorities and community problems.

-           Assist in build the capacity of academic staff in regard to research methodology.

-          Specified the type of research whether academic or operational.

-          Assist in researches investment (methods, best use of available resources & specified the beneficiary body).


2-      Elaborate the importance of ethical consideration and avoiding plagiarism during writing papers.

3-      Annual revision and updating for the scientific action plan (teaching hours) and curriculum implementation for each department with regular feedback regarding the implementation.

4-      Supervise scientific committee in each department of the college regarding the scientific aspects in their technical activities.

5-       Assist in conducting scientific conferences, symposiums, workshops and other related scientific events in cooperation with other department.

6-      Assist in building the structure of the academic staff performance by designing a structure for academic staff CME credits.

7-      Assists in the scientific promotion of the teaching staff by determining that papers presenting by them were registered and approved by the unit before being processed by the scientific promotion committee.

 Future directions:

-          Establish a webpage concerned with the unit activities linked to the college website.

-          Expand the roles of the unit to facilitate the engagement of staff with other related scientific centers (National and international).

-          Establish a community – college partnership activity to be added to the duties of the unit (a proposal under process).

-          Develop a policy to promote the participation of all faculty members in the scientific activities (conferences, workshops, and training) that take place at the national and global level.

Scientific Unit members:

Ass. Prof.  Taghreed  Alhaidari    Head of the unit

Prof. Zuhair Basheer                       Member

Prof. Jameelah Oudah                     Member

Assi. Prof. Thaer Arhiyf                  Member

Assi. Prof. Imad Hashim                 Member

Assi. Prof. Qays Ahmed                  Member

Assi. Prof. Wafa  Hazim                  Member 

plan seminars and workshops for the academic year  2014-2015

  Form  of the research presented at scientific Unity

 Public Speech & Excellent way to start presentation

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